The Carry Principle

The Carry Principle is the brainchild of Steve Jones and a fundamental aspect of his doctoral research at De Montfort University. Under the supervision of Dr John Richards, known internationally for his innovative work with Dirty Electronics, Steve is investigating strategies for hand-held mobile media devices – smartphones, tablets and cameras – as instruments for creative expression.

In design practice the ‘Carry Principle’ defines the core elements of the mobile experience: small, personal, communicative, battery operated and always connected. In the context of performance, ‘The Carry Principle’ is a series of site specific which explore the intimate relationship between natural and urban environments, play and sound.

These experiments consider how mobile devices allow us to create music in any social or networked setting making cultural nomads of us all. Using only iPads and battery powered amplifiers, Jones and his fellow performer, Dr Sally Rodgers, seek to transform the immediate environment into material for making music, and encourage participants to listen and contribute.Performances incorporate the sounds of the immediate environments into a spontaneous, improvised, thought provoking and fun performance.

You can see more of Steve’s experiments on his tumblr page

The Carry Principle was performed by Steve Jones as part of the Locus Sonus Symposium – ‘Auto-Mobility’, 18th – 19th April, 2014, Aix, Marseille, France, and by Jones and Rodgers at Bradford Festival, 13th – 15th June, 2014 and The Beacons Festival, 7th – 10th August, 2014, Skipton, Yorkshire.